Manual of Geology for Engineers

Manual of geology for engineers (2003); Duque-Escobar, Gonzalo. (Rev. 2013). National University of Colombia, Manizales. Digital Text in Spanish.


Manual de Geología para ingenieros

(2003) Rev. 2014.   

Gonzalo Duque-Escobar. Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Presentación Presentation Manual

Contenido Content

Cap01 Geological cycle

Cap02  Matter and Energy

Cap03 The Solar System

Cap04 The solid Earth and fluid

Cap05 Minerals

Cap06  Volcanism

Cap07  Igneous Rocks

Cap08 Weathering or weathering

Cap09  Sedimentary rocks

Cap10  Geologic time

Cap11  Structural Geology

Cap12  Rock mass

Cap13  Metamorphic Rocks 

Cap14  Mountains and orogenic theories

Cap15  Earthquakes

Cap16  Movements bulks

Cap17  Surface water

Cap18 Underground water

Cap19 Glaciers and deserts

Cap20 Geomorphology

Lecturas complementarias Further Reading

Bibliografía Bibliography

Annex 1: Tunnel Manizales

Annex 2: Soil Mechanics

Annex 3: Risk management

Annex 4: The Moon

Annex 5: Economics for the builder

Annex 6: Geophysical aspects of the Andes of Colombia

Autor Author



Soil Mechanics (2002) Duque E. Gonzalo and Escobar P. Carlos E.

National University of Colombia. Digital text of geomechanics, in Spanish. (pdf)



Cap 01: Origin, Soil formation and constitution. Clays.

Cap 02: Relationships for Soil volume and weight.

Cap 03: Soil structure and particle size.

Chapter 04: Plasticity of Soils.

Cap 05: Classification and identification of soils.

Cap 06: Capillarity. Hydraulic properties of soils.

Cap 07: Flow Networks.

Cap 08: Soil erosion and its relationship with water.

Chapter 09: Consolidation of soils.

Cap 10: Strain in Soil.

Cap 11: Mohr Circle Theory.

Cap 12: Shear stress in soils.

Cap 13: Triaxial and failure envelope.

Cap 14: Compaction of soils.

Cap 15: Exploration and soil sampling.

Factors: Table of factors, equivalents and units.

Bibliography: Sources basic and supplementary laboratory.

ANNEX: Geotechnical and Environmental.

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hydrosphere; Amazonas drainage competition ability; loading; river; glaciers, deserts, ice; pleisoceno; moraine; crack; dune, dune, Barjan, storm, snow, firn, ice; fjord, coriolis, kettles, windward, leeward, pedestal, climate, trade winds, glaciers, deserts, landform; Cumanday Tunnel, Tunnel Line, photo interpretation, tone, color, vegetation, diagnosis, texture, Hogback, Flatiron, morphology, hummocky; relief; erosion morphostructure; soils, soil mechanics, geotechnics, geomechanics text, books for engineers, college textbooks, history of geotechnics, soil origin, soil formation; physical chemistry of the clays;clay classes; soil special, limos, arenas, gravel, volume and weight ratios for soils, specific gravity, unit weight, void ratio, soil structure, grain size, plasticity of soils, soil consistency, plastic index, plasticity chart; classification of soils, soil identification, classification USCS, AASHTO classification; capillarity; hydraulic properties of soils; Darcy Law; flow networks; permeameters; erosion soil erosion and its relationship with water, the water in the ground soil consolidation; settlements; efforts on the ground geoestáticos efforts; efforts overloads; effective stress, pore pressure, neutral efforts; Mohr Circle Theory, Theory of Polo; shear in soils shear test , triaxial, failure envelope, soil compaction; trajectory efforts; Line Kf; exploration and soil sampling; embankments, cuts, pavements, foundations, pressures geoestáticas; pressure bulbs; geological references; factors and geotechnical typical values, variables useful in geotechnical, geomechanical properties of the rocks of Manizales photogeological structural analysis; photogeological multitemporal analysis, training Manizales, Casabianca training; Quebradagrande complex; Colombian cordilleras; Cajamarca; Romeral, Cauca-Patia, rock mass classification, classification of CSIR; pressure Support in tunnels self-supporting while, drill and blast; galleries conglomerate; risk threat and vulnerability; susceptibility slip; slopes unstable seismic spectra; amplification seismic struts in tunnels, lining of tunnels, water tunnels pressure; efforts galleries, gable, roof and floor wall; critical block; Barton Lien and Lunde; quality index NGI tunnels; parameter Q of Barton; loading rock abacus Hoek and Brown; online self-support; classification Deere, the coffee; CTS, CT, CTI y CTIS; research in geosciences, geophysics and engineering.
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facies; litificación; tiempo geológico; paleozoico; cretácico; precámbrico; cuaternario; jurásico; holoceno; mesozoico; cenozoico; primaria; secundaria; radiactividad; datación; correlación; falla; fábrica textural, fábrica estructural, geología estructural; pliegue; diaclasa; sinclinal; elasticidad; plasticidad; deformación; esfuerzo; ruptura; tracción; sinclinorio; geosinclinal; macizo rocoso; discontinuidad; cuña; rugosidad; rumbo; buzamiento; estratificación; foliación; Rqd; rocas metamórficas; actitud del macizo; metamorfismo; mármol; esquisto; gneis; progradante; pizarra; filita; neocristalización; epidota; Hornfels; metasomatismo; mesozona; montañas y orogénesis; orogenia; cordillera; terrenos; cratón; Manizales; sismos; terremoto; epicentro; sismógrafo; intraplaca; frecuencia; acelerograma; riesgo sísmico en Colombia, coda; amplitud; Mercalli; Richter; tsunami; amplificación; movimientos masales; movimientos en masa; deslizamientos; inundaciones; laderas; inestabilidad; amenaza hidrogeológica, movimientos de masas; 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características geomecánicas de las rocas de Manizales; análisis fotogeológico estructural; análisis fotogeológico multitemporal; formación Manizales, formación Casabianca; complejo Quebradagrande; cordilleras colombianas; Cajamarca; Romeral; Cauca-Patía; clasificación de macizos rocosos; clasificación del CSIR; presión de soporte en túneles; tiempo de autosoporte; taladro y voladura; galerías en conglomerado; vulnerabilidad amenaza y riesgo; susceptibilidad al deslizamiento; laderas inestables; espectros sísmicos; amplificación sísmica, ademes en túneles ; revestimiento de túneles, presión de agua en túneles; esfuerzos galerías; hastial; techo muro y piso; bloque crítico; Barton Lien y Lunde; índice de calidad de túneles NGI; parámetro Q de Barton; carga de roca; ábaco de Hoek and Brown; línea de autosoporte; clasificación de Deere; Eje Cafetero; CTS; CT&S; CT&I; investigación en geociencias; geofísica e ingeniería; Ingeominas; geología de Colombia

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